Spartanburg Real Estate

Upstate South Carolina Home Search"> </div> <div class="row-flex"> </div><!--/.row-flex--> <div class="row-flex"><!--row-flex--> <div class="col-lg"><!--listing summary--> <div class="listing-box town-stats-section"> <h2 class="town-listings-title text-center">Spartanburg Listings Summary</h2> <div class="town_summary_links"> <div class="widget"> <ul class="nav nav-pills nav-stacked nav-style-secondary"> <li class="nav-item"> <a href="/index.php?advanced=1&types[]=1&types[]=2&types[]=18&types[]=31&types[]=8&types[]=56&areas[]=city:Spartanburg&beds=0&baths=0&min=0&max=100000000&rtype=grid" class="nav-link"><i class="fa fa-plus-square"></i> Total: 259 </a> </li> <li class="nav-item"> <a href="/index.php?advanced=1&types[]=1&types[]=2&types[]=18&types[]=31&types[]=8&types[]=56&areas[]=city:Spartanburg&beds=0&baths=0&min=0&max=100000000&options[]=new&rtype=grid" class="nav-link"><i class="fa fa-calendar-check-o"></i> New: 15 </a> </li> <li class="nav-item"> <a href="/index.php?advanced=1&types[]=1&types[]=2&types[]=18&types[]=31&types[]=8&types[]=56&areas[]=city:Spartanburg&beds=0&baths=0&min=0&max=100000000&options[]=reduced&rtype=grid" class="nav-link"><i class="fa fa-level-down"></i>Reduced: 114 </a> </li> <li class="nav-item"> <a href="/index.php?advanced=1&types[]=1&types[]=2&types[]=18&types[]=31&types[]=8&types[]=56&areas[]=city:Spartanburg&beds=0&baths=0&min=0&max=100000000&options[]=openhouses&rtype=grid" class="nav-link"><i class="fa fa-home"></i> Open House: 19 </a> </li> <li class="nav-item"> <a href="/index.php?advanced=1&types[]=1&types[]=2&types[]=18&types[]=31&types[]=8&types[]=56&areas[]=city:Spartanburg&beds=0&baths=0&min=0&max=100000000&options[]=foreclosures&rtype=grid" class="nav-link"><i class="fa fa-gavel"></i>Foreclosures: 0 </a> </li> <li class="nav-item"> <a href="/index.php?advanced=1&types[]=1&types[]=2&types[]=18&types[]=31&types[]=8&types[]=56&areas[]=city:Spartanburg&beds=0&baths=0&min=0&max=100000000&options[]=shortsales&rtype=grid" class="nav-link"><i class="fa fa-hourglass-end"></i> Short Sales: 0 </a> </li> </ul><!-- /.menu --> </div><!-- /.widget --> </div><!-- /.town_summary_links --> </div> </div><!-- /.col-* --><!--/listing summary--> <div class="col-lg"><!--average--> <div class="listing-box town-stats-section" id="town-page-stats"> <h2 class="town-listings-title text-center">Spartanburg - Town vs. County Stats</h2> <div> <div class="row town-stats-row"> <p class="town-avg-text">Avg Walkscore in Spartanburg: 20 / County Avg 15</p> <div class="valuation-item-value"> <span style="width: 135%; max-width:100%; min-width: 10%;"> <strong>135%</strong></span> </div> </div> <div class="row town-stats-row"> <p class="town-avg-text">Avg Year Built in Spartanburg: 2001 / County Avg 2010</p> <div class="valuation-item-value"> <span style="width: 100%; max-width:100%; min-width: 10%;"> <strong>100%</strong></span> </div> </div> </div><!-- /padding-left:40px --> </div><!-- /.listing-box --> </div><!-- /.col-* --> </div> <div class="row-flex"><!--row-flex--> <div class="col-lg"> <div class="dashboard-box"> <h2 class="dashboard-box-title hidden-lg-up ">Spartanburg Real Estate Market Health</h2> <div class="ct-chart-2 ct-major-sixth"></div> <div id="ct-chart-legend"> <div class="ct-legend-colors"> <div class="ct-legend-color-inset" style="border:5px solid red;"></div> </div> <div class="ct-legend-label">New Listings</div> <div class="ct-legend-colors"> <div class="ct-legend-color-inset" style="border:5px solid blue;"></div> </div> <div class="ct-legend-label">Reductions</div> <div class="ct-legend-colors"> <div class="ct-legend-color-inset" style="border:5px solid orange;"></div> </div> <div class="ct-legend-label">Foreclosures</div> <div class="ct-legend-colors"> <div class="ct-legend-color-inset" style="border:5px solid green;"></div> </div> <div class="ct-legend-label">Short Sales</div> </div> </div><!-- /.dashboard-box --> </div> </div><!--/.row-flex--> <div class="row-flex"><!--areas and neighborhoods--> </div> </div> </div> </div><!-- /.content --> </div><!-- /.main-inner --> </div><!-- /.main --> </div><!-- /.main-wrapper --> <div id="footer" style="overflow: hidden"> <div class="footer-wrapper"> <div class="container"> <div class="footer-inner"> <div class="footer-top"> <div class="footer-top-left"> <h2 class="text-xs-center text-md-left">eXp Realty, LLC - Greenville(SC)</h2> <address class="text-xs-center text-md-left"> 220 North Main Street, Suite 542<br/> Greenville, SC 29601<br/> </address> <p class="text-xs-center text-md-left" style="margin-top: -1rem"> <a href="tel:864-908-1895">864-908-1895</a></p> <p class="text-xs-center text-md-left"> <small> Should you require assistance in navigating our website or searching for real estate, please contact our offices at <strong><a href="tel:864-908-1895">864-908-1895</a></strong>. </small> </p> <div class="social text-xs-center text-md-left"> <!--common social-buttons component--> <!--/common social-buttons component--> </div><!-- /.social --> <div class="row"> <div class="col-xs-12 m-t-1 text-xs-center text-md-left"> <font size="2">Broker In Charge: Sandy Fay-Wotherspoon (888-440-2798)</font> </div> </div> </div><!-- /.footer-top-left --> <div class="footer-top-right"> <h2 class="text-xs-center text-md-left">MLS® Disclaimer</h2> <p style='color:#b1b1b1;background-color: inherit'> <img alt="MLS Logo" src="" style="margin-right:8px; 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In the mid 1960s my family relocated to Monmouth County, NJ where I graduated from high school and attended what is now known as Monmouth University. In 1979 I married a wonderful man, and because we both worked in Manhattan our first home together was a 3 bedroom apt. in Essex County. In 1983 with interest rates through the roof we took the jump and made the move to purchase a home in the same County. \n\nIn 1986 while still working my corporate job I attended a real estate seminar, and I was hooked. I immediately went to real estate school and that same year I attained my NJ real estate license. Although I was working a full time job I didn't let that interfere with my desire to work in real estate so I became a part-time Rental Agent. A few years later I joined the ITT Sheraton realty group as a Land Sales agent in NJ for their Palm Coast Florida new community.\n\nIn 1995 my husband and I relocated to the Upstate region of South Carolina. It wasn't until 2005 thatl I decided to get my SC real estate license. Since then I have been helping relocatees, investors, sellers and buyers with their SC purchases and sales. I will welcome the opportunity to help you purchase your new home, or sell your current home. I may not always tell you what you want to hear, but I will always tell you what you need to hear. Together we will achieve your goals.","agentphoto":"https:\/\/\/\/profiles\/1627745752.jpg","agentfacebook":"https:\/\/\/upstateschomes4u","agenttwitter":"","agentlinkedin":"","agentyoutube":"","agentinstagram":"","agentpinterest":"","agentsite":"\/agents\/3590\/Marianne+Princetta","agentphone":"864-908-1895","agentcellphone":"864-908-1895","agentworkphone":null,"agentdirectphone":null,"show_agentcellphone":1,"show_agentworkphone":0,"show_directphone":0,"agentcredentials":"53478","lendername":null,"lendercompany":null,"lenderphoto":null,"lenderurl":null,"lenderabout":null,"testiomonials":[{"agencyid":"","who":"Amanda P., Ftn Inn","date":1561227885,"testimonial":"Marianne Princetta has been our Realtor for 8 years now through the purchase of two homes, the sale of one of these homes, and the sale of four acres of property. She has been a lifesaver for us and a wonderful liaison to guide us through the necessary processes in each case. She is very direct and honest, which is one of the characteristics I love most about her. Her main concern is not making a sale or attaining a commission. Her goal is to ensure a satisfied client no matter how much work and effort that entails on her end. Her professionalism is outstanding as well as her promptness and attention to detail. There is no one else I would want or trust in assisting me with such a large endeavor as purchasing or selling a home. She has become like family to us, and I have and will always recommend Marianne to family members and friends.","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Sunny A., NCarolina","date":1629934697,"testimonial":"Wow. What to say about Marianne!? 10 stars! \nWe were referred to her after being unhappy with another realtor we decided not to work with. She was so thorough and complete with us we knew instantly we had made an excellent choice! Unfortunately the house we were interested in was pulled off the market. Months later, Marianne texted us that it just popped back on the market and asked if we were interested. I told her we weren\u2019t, but that we were looking in a completely different state for a house. She literally called and interviewed four realtors in that area before recommending one to us. She wanted to make sure they were knowledgeable and experienced before handing us over. She even did initial legwork on the house we were interested in while she was interviewing! You should definitely go with Marianne if you want excellent customer service, and someone who goes above and beyond!\n","specific_agent":null,"rating":0,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Tracy S., Piedmont","date":1561228347,"testimonial":"Marianne stuck with us through SIX years of looking for the PERFECT piece of property \u2013 we had some very particular, unusual requirements of the property that we were going to make our \u201cforever\u201d home\/business location. She is extremely knowledgeable about her business and tells you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear \u2013 she does not sugar-coat her advice, which I appreciate. In the end, she found the perfect piece of property for us, getting it in front of us almost immediately after it was listed, knowing it would no remain on the market for long. Although she\u2019ll deny it, I believe Marianne\u2019s eyes were a little misty at the closing \u2013 she was as excited that we\u2019d found our dream property as we were. I would not hesitate to recommend Marianne as a buyer\u2019s agent, nor hesitate to use her services again in the future! ","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Justin & Robert H., Gray Court","date":1561227708,"testimonial":"Marianne\u2019s enthusiastic assistance in our search for a home in South Carolina was extremely helpful. Marianne listened to our needs list and found us a home very quickly during our first house hunting trip. She followed through on every step from our deposit until closing, staying in close touch with us so we knew what was going on. We are extremely happy with the part Marianne played in our home search and move to South Carolina.","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Danielle L., Duncan","date":1561333950,"testimonial":"Marianne was excellent in getting us into seeing homes immediately, and setting things into motion once we were under contract. She addressed our questions ASAP as well, which was so appreciated, having come from out of state to SC. She helps us get it done! We are grateful! What a great way to start 2019!","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Sharon Skinner, SC Home Lending LLC","date":1561228653,"testimonial":"I have worked with many agents over the years and Marianne is one of the most hands on and thorough agents I have worked with. Her clients are well informed of the process throughout the process while she works closely with the lender to keep the whole transaction running smoothly for her clients. I love helping Marianne with her clients as I know I will have the support from her to work through any of the tougher files while nurturing her clients until we make it to the closing table. I can not say enough about this agent and how impressive her work is.\n","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Rebekah Z., Simpsonville","date":1561227496,"testimonial":"Marianne helped my husband and I with our relocation from NC to SC\u2013 and then some. She was patient while we sold our old house, secured financing, and changed our minds a million times. She showed us homes at times that were convenient for us and was always on time. She was always available to answer any questions\u2026 and still is, many months after helping us find our home! Marianne provides EXCELLENT customer service which makes all the difference in the world. We trust her to follow through with doing what\u2019s best for us and making sure everything is RIGHT\u2013 done correctly, efficiently, and professionally.","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Debi C., Simpsonville","date":1561228142,"testimonial":"As a first time home-buyer (2016) and not at all knowledgeable in the process, Marianne was a true blessing sent to us. She held our hands thru each step, had patience in all our questions (and there were many), she helped us identify the kind of home we wanted and seemed to know us better than we knew ourselves sometimes. Her intuition was spot on! She kept us focused in our search so we did not become overwhelmed or discouraged. She looked out for our best interest every step of the way and was a true advocate for us. I am always cautious about making recommendations but there is NO hesitation in recommending Marianne. We will definitely use her again and recommend her to anyone in the buy\/sell process. There are just not enough wonderful things I can say about Marianne.","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Eric B., Greer","date":1561227651,"testimonial":"Marianne is a very professional and knowledgeable real estate agent who makes every step of the process easy for her client. When I purchased my last home through her, I didn\u2019t even have to go look at it. She went and took pictures and emailed them to me within an hour. I was able to make an offer quickly without leaving the comfort of my office.","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Patti B., Simpsonville","date":1561228248,"testimonial":"Anyone looking to hire a hard working, ethical, honest and on-the-ball Realtor should use Marianne Princetta. She is on top of her game at all times. Marianne recently handled the sale of my home in Simpsonville (2017). She knew her comps, priced the home right and we were in contract within 48 hours (after 6 showings and 2 offers in the first 24 hrs). While this type of response to a new home on the market may not be typical, it is definitely a result of knowing the market, knowing the demand and pricing the home accordingly. Marianne did just that. I used to be a Realtor and much has changed since I was in the business. Marianne took the time to explain the changes and walked me through every step of the process. I basically left it all in her hands and it all went smoothly. Yes, I could have tried to sell my home as \u201cfor sale by owner\u201d with my previous knowledge of real estate, but having a professional who knows the current rules, regulations and market was invaluable. I would hire her again in a heartbeat!","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Chris F., Simpsonville","date":1605971567,"testimonial":"Marianne was a pleasure to work with. She is a true professional with excellent knowledge of the local market. We listed our townhouse with her which is a different market and she sold our home in just over a week. Her get it done attitude is infectious and produces very favorable results. We would recommend her services to anyone with real estate needs! Grateful to have had her acting in our best interest throughout what can be a very stressful and difficult process. Thanks again Marianne!\n\n","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Roland (Ron) Day, Calif.","date":1561227354,"testimonial":"I have been dealing in real estate in the Greenville, SC area for the better part of a year. Although I live in San Diego, Ca., I have close family members in Greenville who are very knowledgeable about property there, and I like the area and especially the real estate situation. I have had the good fortune to use Marianne Princetta exclusively in buying and rehabbing 3 homes to date, selling one very successfully, with the remaining two on the market listed thru her at present. I have found Marianne to be exceptionally hard working and competent, always pleasant (and appropriately hilarious, but only if that is your thing!), and is a marvel in keeping her clients apprised regarding their dealings. I could not recommend her more highly.","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Cathy P., Moore ","date":1561227560,"testimonial":"My husband and I decided to relocate to the Greenville-Spartanburg area of South Carolina. We didn\u2019t really know the area well, but we knew we liked the looks of it. We met Marianne at a new development that she was showing. We clicked right away with her and asked for her help finding a new home. We gave her our criteria for our dream home. She was kind and understanding and because we had a budget she was realistic. We had to return to New Jersey, but Marianne kept in contact by phone and online, sending us listings to look over. She kept our criteria in mind with each listing. Each time we were able to travel to South Carolina, Marianne had a list of houses to show us. She took the time to take us to each house we wanted to see. She spent all the time we needed with her to talk over the houses we had seen. The day before we were suppose to return to New Jersey a new listing came in and Marianne contacted us right away and took us to see the home. It had almost everything we were looking for but most important it was in our price range. We arranged to put in an offer and returned to New Jersey. Marianne handled all the negotiations for us and because of her help the sale went very smoothly. Our home purchase in 2007 allowed us the opportunity to work with a great Realtor, who has since become a close friend.","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Mike G., Easley","date":1637263913,"testimonial":"We first worked with Marianne about 11 years ago when she helped us to both sell a home and to buy a new home. During this process it became evident that she new the market very well and was tireless in our search for a new house. In addition to being professional in her approach to selling\/buying a property, her infectious personality makes it a pleasure to work with her. That's why, when we were ready to do the same again 11 years later, that there was no doubt who we were going to call on. We closed on our home early Nov 5, 2021 and 4 days later closed on our new home in No. Carolina thanks to Marianne referring us to another great Realtor.","specific_agent":null,"rating":0,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Brian D., Simpsonville","date":1561227423,"testimonial":"I had a great and educational experience with Marianne. Not knowing initially that I was in contract with another realtor, she took at least two and one half hours at several different times on the phone to educate me about how to buy a house and what to look for as a good value. She also sent me listings in a great neighborhood and I bought the first house she sent me. She is very knowledgeable and a personable realtor.","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Pat R., Simpsonville","date":1561228084,"testimonial":"Marianne has been a blessing to my husband and I \u2013 selling a home in one state and buying in another is no easy feat \u2013 Having the right real estate agent makes all the difference in the world and we were truly blessed the day we met Marianne. \nMy husband retired in April of 2015 and our home was up for sale in New York \u2013 in the meantime I was trying to find a new home for us in South Carolina and that was where the difficulties began.The real estate individuals I was in contact with, although they were all polite, truly did not have a handle on my criteria nor did any of them bother to explain the buying process here in SC. Each state has their own set of rules and regulations and not being from here I was totally unaware of so many things my head was spinning. After several trips back and forth from NY to SC I had set up an appt. with another agent only to have her tell me 2 days before I was due to arrive that she had a wedding in Texas and would not be able to meet with me \u2013 would I mind if she had another agent from her office take me out to see a few homes? Well that was God stepping in because he sent me Marianne and what a breathe of fresh air she was!!! Marianne sat me down and took me through the whole process from start to finish and fully explained everything in detail as to what was required of me and how we were to proceed. She was so patient and understanding I couldn\u2019t believe that she was my agent! I felt like I had known her for years \u2013 that\u2019s just how kind she is \u2013 you instantly feel a connection with her.\nNot only is Marianne a true professional and very well versed in her field \u2013 she brings a very direct approach of honesty and integrity that sadly is a characteristic too few people have these days. For most real estate agents it\u2019s all about the commission \u2013 not in Marianne\u2019s case. She is like having a family member by your side. Your problems become hers and she gets right to the point and resolves each and every issue in a timely and accurate fashion \u2013 Not only does she bring a wealth of expertise to the table she is one of the funniest people I have ever met and I think that just makes her so endearing.\nI cannot tell you how many phone calls and visits it took to finally find and buy our home \u2013 but I can tell you that if it wasn\u2019t for Marianne I would most certainly have gone mad and would have never settled here. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Marianne to anyone buying or selling a home. I consider her a true friend and everyone who comes in contact with her is very lucky \u2013 she will never steer you wrong!!!! ","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Esther R., Taylors","date":1561227828,"testimonial":"Marianne was my agent with buying our current home in summer 2010. She was very responsive to our situation and our problems, and with her help we overcame ALL of them and moved into this beautiful home. I would recommend her and have to many people.","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Christi C., Woodruff","date":1561227939,"testimonial":"I had met Marianne through my previous home purchase in 2007, and she was the first one I called when I wanted to sell my investment property in 2015 . Through no fault of our own, we ran into problem after problem trying to meet the requirements to sell this house. But Marianne was there with me every step of the way until, finally, it closed. I can never thank her enough for the knowledge and support she gave to me through this difficult sale. And next time? I\u2019ll use Marianne again! ","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"John R., Simpsonville","date":1562463213,"testimonial":"Working with Marianne to sell my home was the best decision I could have made.\u00a0 We were relocating to the northeast in 2019 and didn't know the first thing about preparing our house to sell.\u00a0 Marianne made the process quick and easy for me.\u00a0 Always available when I had a question or needed something and got back to me within minutes.\u00a0 I knew selling a home was going to entail a lot, but the knowledge and expertise Marianne possesses took everything off me so I could focus on other things.\u00a0 I would definitely choose Marianne again! ","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"},{"agencyid":"","who":"Nancy & Mike G., Easley","date":1561227742,"testimonial":"Not having sold a home before, my wife and I didn\u2019t know anything about the process. Marianne always had the time to talk to us or to send examples via email about what to expect as the sales process came to its conclusion. We were also buying a new home at the same time and Marianne seemed to have an endless supply of listings based on our criteria to send us. She knew exactly what needed to be done to make our home marketable and had we not heeded her advice it would probably still be on the market and we wouldn\u2019t be in our new home. We started the process working with a realtor, who proved that she has the knowledge and experience required in today\u2019s competitive market; we ended it making a new friend.","specific_agent":null,"rating":5,"language":"en"}],"website_owner_type":"user","entitylogo":"https:\/\/\/\/profiles\/1676053648.png","business_photo":"","secondarylogo":null,"entityname":"eXp Realty, LLC - Greenville(SC)","organization_name":"","entityfacebook":"","entitytwitter":"","entityyoutube":"","entitypinterest":"","entityinstagram":"","entityabout":"","is_team_site":false,"company_master_logo":"https:\/\/\/\/profiles\/1668015611.png","entityofficephone":"888-440-2798","entityaddress":"220 North Main Street, Suite 542","entitycity":"Greenville","entitystate":"SC","entityzip":"29601","entityfax":null,"agents":[{"agentfirstname":"Marianne","agentlastname":"Princetta","agenttitle":"Realtor\u00ae","agentabout":"I'm a baby boomer who grew up during the 1950s in The Bronx, NY. In the mid 1960s my family relocated to Monmouth County, NJ where I graduated from high school and attended what is now known as Monmouth University. In 1979 I married a wonderful man, and because we both worked in Manhattan our first home together was a 3 bedroom apt. in Essex County. In 1983 with interest rates through the roof we took the jump and made the move to purchase a home in the same County. \n\nIn 1986 while still working my corporate job I attended a real estate seminar, and I was hooked. I immediately went to real estate school and that same year I attained my NJ real estate license. Although I was working a full time job I didn't let that interfere with my desire to work in real estate so I became a part-time Rental Agent. A few years later I joined the ITT Sheraton realty group as a Land Sales agent in NJ for their Palm Coast Florida new community.\n\nIn 1995 my husband and I relocated to the Upstate region of South Carolina. It wasn't until 2005 thatl I decided to get my SC real estate license. Since then I have been helping relocatees, investors, sellers and buyers with their SC purchases and sales. I will welcome the opportunity to help you purchase your new home, or sell your current home. I may not always tell you what you want to hear, but I will always tell you what you need to hear. Together we will achieve your goals.","agentphoto":"https:\/\/\/\/profiles\/1627745752.jpg","agentsubdomain":"https:\/\/"}],"mylistings":null,"agencylistings":[{"beds":"4","baths":"2","footage":"2200","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"108 Wallhaven Drive","price":"350,000","state":"SC","city":"Greer","zip":"29651","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1509470-1.jpg?v=1696026566","url":"\/property\/63-1509470-108-wallhaven-drive-greer-SC-29651","agent":"Kathy P Harrison","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"4","baths":"3","footage":"2600","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"303 Bristle Fern Trail","price":"478,000","state":"SC","city":"Simpsonville","zip":"29680","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1510877-1.jpg?v=1697639319","url":"\/property\/63-1510877-303-bristle-fern-trail-simpsonville-SC-29680","agent":"Nikki N Sword","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1800","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"217 Little Man Drive","price":"355,000","state":"SC","city":"Boiling Springs","zip":"29316","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1518215-1.jpg?v=1706991380","url":"\/property\/63-1518215-217-little-man-drive-boiling-springs-SC-29316","agent":"Brian O'Neill","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"6","baths":"4","footage":"3400","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"200 Waymeet Court","price":"519,000","state":"SC","city":"Piedmont","zip":"29673","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1515392-1.jpg?v=1703840059","url":"\/property\/63-1515392-200-waymeet-court-piedmont-SC-29673","agent":"Annie Montoya","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1600","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"223 Waverton Drive","price":"259,900","state":"SC","city":"Greer","zip":"29650","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1514051-1.jpg?v=1705506877","url":"\/property\/63-1514051-223-waverton-drive-greer-SC-29650","agent":"Shaquale Williams","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"4","baths":"2","footage":"1800","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"115 Rossmoor Court","price":"335,000","state":"SC","city":"Anderson","zip":"29621","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1512972-1.jpg?v=1700023275","url":"\/property\/63-1512972-115-rossmoor-court-anderson-SC-29621","agent":"Natasha Sherman","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1800","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"203 Page Creek Boulevard","price":"369,999","state":"SC","city":"Landrum","zip":"29356","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1506280-1.jpg?v=1692550262","url":"\/property\/63-1506280-203-page-creek-boulevard-landrum-SC-29356","agent":"Alena Moyseyuk","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"1","footage":"1000","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"104 Cliffwood Court","price":"225,000","state":"SC","city":"Fountain Inn","zip":"29644","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1514705-1.jpg?v=1702561917","url":"\/property\/63-1514705-104-cliffwood-court-fountain-inn-SC-29644","agent":"Craig J Nash","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"0","baths":"0","footage":"0","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"106 Old Augusta Road","price":"100,000","state":"SC","city":"Greenville","zip":"29605","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1490993-1.jpg?v=1685562726","url":"\/property\/63-1490993-106-old-augusta-road-greenville-SC-29605","agent":"Cricket Allen","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"5","baths":"2","footage":"2200","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"438 Bentridge Drive","price":"297,998","state":"SC","city":"Spartanburg","zip":"29301","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1514359-1.jpg?v=1701982461","url":"\/property\/63-1514359-438-bentridge-drive-spartanburg-SC-29301","agent":"Tanisha Owens","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1600","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"4 Camelback Road","price":"359,900","state":"SC","city":"Greenville","zip":"29617","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1517971-1.jpg?v=1706806340","url":"\/property\/63-1517971-4-camelback-road-greenville-SC-29617","agent":"M.Tara Pickens","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1800","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"215 Dellwood Drive","price":"420,000","state":"SC","city":"Greenville","zip":"29609","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1519256-1.jpg?v=1708188709","url":"\/property\/63-1519256-215-dellwood-drive-greenville-SC-29609","agent":"Tami Allen","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1800","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"112 Stevens Court","price":"297,000","state":"SC","city":"Williamston","zip":"29697","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1513104-1.jpg?v=1700165479","url":"\/property\/63-1513104-112-stevens-court-williamston-SC-29697","agent":"Tanisha Owens","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1200","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"256 Sleepy River Road","price":"280,000","state":"SC","city":"Simpsonville","zip":"29681","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1514495-1.jpg?v=1704473238","url":"\/property\/63-1514495-256-sleepy-river-road-simpsonville-SC-29681","agent":"Yolanda Rhodes","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"2","baths":"1","footage":"700","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"308 Katherine Street","price":"220,000","state":"SC","city":"Easley","zip":"29640","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1516631-1.jpg?v=1705183175","url":"\/property\/63-1516631-308-katherine-street-easley-SC-29640","agent":"Brian O'Neill","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"2400","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"7 Terrain Drive","price":"355,000","state":"SC","city":"Greenville","zip":"29605","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1514485-1.jpg?v=1702149234","url":"\/property\/63-1514485-7-terrain-drive-greenville-SC-29605","agent":"Brian O'Neill","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"4","baths":"2","footage":"1800","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"9 Summer Hill Road","price":"324,000","state":"SC","city":"Simpsonville","zip":"29681","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1513053-1.jpg?v=1703880004","url":"\/property\/63-1513053-9-summer-hill-road-simpsonville-SC-29681","agent":"Alex Morrell","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"2","baths":"1","footage":"700","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"3706 E North Street # Unit D3","price":"138,000","state":"SC","city":"Greenville","zip":"29615","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1511192-1.jpg?v=1706628716","url":"\/property\/63-1511192-3706-e-north-street-unit-d3-greenville-SC-29615","agent":"Cricket Allen","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1400","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"115 Wrentree Drive","price":"299,900","state":"SC","city":"Easley","zip":"29642","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1515027-1.jpg?v=1706620810","url":"\/property\/63-1515027-115-wrentree-drive-easley-SC-29642","agent":"Bryan Black","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1400","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"8 Clear Lake Drive","price":"259,900","state":"SC","city":"Simpsonville","zip":"29680","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1517641-1.jpg?v=1706322433","url":"\/property\/63-1517641-8-clear-lake-drive-simpsonville-SC-29680","agent":"Nicholas Littlefield","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"5","baths":"4","footage":"4800","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"38 Evelyn Lane","price":"679,000","state":"SC","city":"Easley","zip":"29642","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1518107-1.jpg?v=1706890691","url":"\/property\/63-1518107-38-evelyn-lane-easley-SC-29642","agent":"Leeann Regna","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1400","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"300 Long Grove Lane","price":"230,000","state":"SC","city":"Greer","zip":"29650","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1517153-1.jpg?v=1705847696","url":"\/property\/63-1517153-300-long-grove-lane-greer-SC-29650","agent":"Brian O'Neill","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1600","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"130 Kentmont Lane","price":"219,900","state":"SC","city":"Greer","zip":"29651","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1517088-1.jpg?v=1705703363","url":"\/property\/63-1517088-130-kentmont-lane-greer-SC-29651","agent":"Nicholas Littlefield","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1400","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"415 American Legion Road","price":"320,000","state":"SC","city":"Greer","zip":"29651","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1517309-1.jpg?v=1706036401","url":"\/property\/63-1517309-415-american-legion-road-greer-SC-29651","agent":"Noelle R Norfolk","mlslogo":""},{"beds":"3","baths":"2","footage":"1800","listing_type_label":"Contingent","address":"307 Edgewood Drive","price":"305,000","state":"SC","city":"Clinton","zip":"29325","photo":"https:\/\/\/cdn-cgi\/image\/fit=scale-down,format=auto,width=289\/https:\/\/\/listingphotos63\/1510791-1.jpg?v=1697515803","url":"\/property\/63-1510791-307-edgewood-drive-clinton-SC-29325","agent":"Nikki N Sword","mlslogo":""}],"comingsoonlistings":null,"exclusivelistings":null,"websitetagline":"Upstate South Carolina Home Search","currentLanguage":"en","sold_listings_active":false,"restrict_sold_data":false,"is_rlp_quebec":false,"custom_resource_nav":{"custom_resources":null,"custom_resource_header":""},"custom_resource_labels":null}</script> </body> </html>